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  • 'Harvest', a short comedy I wrote and directed, has started on the festival circuit and in both the first two festivals it has won the award for Best Comedy.


  • All cast and crew were local talent to Somerset, and it was shot on location in Frome. Below are some behind-the-scenes photographs from the shoot. [see the film and more info here]











  • I am currently working on my next short film, 'Neighbourhood Watch' which is scheduled to shoot in early 2022 with a famous face from television attached. I also continue to work on the sitcom script that has several great names from TV and film confirmed on-board. More news on these in due course.


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filming, behind the scenes, director, film shoot, bts, peter halpin
filming, Josh Kelly Jones, short film, behind the scenes, camera, short film, on location


Harvest poster V3_edited.jpg
Dead Hungry - short film - comedy horror
Pick Up Lines - a comedy monologue
Oven Ready - a comedy duologue about a couple getting ready to leave the house
Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 16.13.11.png
Initial Thoughts - comedy monologue
Tiger Lily - a comedy duologue about a magician and his daughter assistant in rehearsal
Stand-up comedy by Peter Halpin - puns, wordplay, song and prop jokes

Me, my writing & I

I have learned and honed my skills from some very talented people who have gone before me. I have always had a natural penchant for comedy, and these experiences have helped teach and tame the funny beast that dwells deep inside me.


In 2014 Sir Alan Ayckbourn directed me in two of his plays on a 6 month theatre tour. Working alongside one of the greatest masters of comedy script-writing was hugely inspirational, getting invaluable advice on writing for laughs. 

In 2013 I headlined the final of Stand Up If You Dare, a comedy contest on BBC Comic Relief. Mentored through the competition by comedian, TV host and writer Mark Dolan, I went on to gig on the stand-up circuit for 3 years with my act of wordplay and puns, sharing stages with acts inc. Rob Beckett, Ellie Taylor, Reginald D. Hunter and Phil Kay.  


Previous to that I wrote and performed in two seasons of News Revue - the world’s longest running stage sketch show. Over those two years I wrote and devised many of the show's sketches and satirical songs. Further sketches were performed at Laughter File at London's Canal Cafe Theatre.


Comedy defines me; it is my default mode. It is a true passion; it drives me, enlivens me and is what I want to do for many more years to come. As Ayckbourn once said to me:

what goes on in a persons head is the real them; what are they thinking and where will that take them? 

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"Working with Peter was an absolute joy! He wrote a monologue for me and was very open and honest, and produced a piece of work we could both be proud of.


It’s a sharp and witty piece that resonates with emotion beneath the jokes. 


Any actor looking for fresh new work should get in touch with Peter.”

Nathaniel Tan


"I commissioned Peter to write for BBC Comic Relief and its sponsors, Babybel. His work was speedy, top quality, and professional.


He hit the brief perfectly, with a really cleverly written script for an online film, and a comprehensive list of jokes and wordplay used on product wrappers.

I would certainly recommend Peter to anyone for comedy writing work."

Elliott Tiney

Senior Creative, YR London

"Peter is such a brilliant, clever writer! I've had the honour of working with him twice so far - in a reading of his sitcom and performing a monologue he wrote.


He creates fully-rounded characters that are such fun to play! Part of the monologue was my character explaining something using only acronyms - it was genius!


I am so excited by his writing and can't wait to see what he comes up with next.“

Louise Ann Munro


“Peter is fast gaining an excellent reputation as the next big thing”

Laughing Horse Comedy

“Peter’s brilliantly writing is a breath of fresh air – it’s impossible to not laugh!”

Nanette Rigg, Director

City Showcase

“the natural heir to Tim Vine & Milton Jones, a prolific writer & great comedy performer… certainly one to watch”

Geoff Whiting

Comedy Promoter

“Peter's quirky, clean, and cleverly constructed act gets an audience thinking a bit and laughing a lot.”

Open Comedy

“I really loved it, and was really impressed how funny and poignant your script is. It absolutely MUST have a life!”

Jill Greenacre, actor

(The Brittas Empire, Down To Earth,

Doc Martin)

“A fun script… it comes off the page really easily. I’d love to be involved.”

Cathy Shipton, actor

(Casualty, One Foot In The Grave,

Spiceworld: The Movie)